Seamasters downwind 2016

August 21th 2016

Seamasters is a downwind, Ocean race around Oxelösund, Swedish east coast, Baltic sea. The race will be around 25 km long open for Surf ski, Outrigger and SUP paddlers. The race is held for the seventh time, drawing paddlers from the Nordic countries as well as Europe, South Africa and America.

The race course 2016 will be number 1:
1. Arkösund-Oxelösund, the classic course, wind from south
2. Nävekvarn-Oxelösund, has been used once, wind from west
3. Oxelösund-Nävekvarn, has been used once, wind from east
4. Oxelösund-Arkösund, is a logistic nightmare and we try to avoid that one.

The race starts at 12.00 and competitors paddle outside the archipelago in ocean conditions. Race course 1 and 2 finish after Femöre Huvud (”Fifty Cent Head”) a former top secret cold war fortress outside the city of Oxelösund.

General info

Bus and trailer transport are included. You load your boat on the trailer
Final registration open Saturday evening at the Club, on bus to the start or before race meeting at start.
Race meeting 11.10 (SUP 10:30).
Start 12.00 (SUP 11.00).
A meal will be served after race.

Race info course 1

Bus and trailer transport from Oxelösund Canoe Club at 08.30. Your boat ready for loading at 08.00.

Race info course 2

Bus and trailer transport from Oxelösund Canoe Club at 09.30. Your boat ready for loading at 09.00.

Race info course 3

Bus and trailer from from Nävekvarn harbour at 10:00. Possibility to load your boat from 09:00 at Nävekvarn.


Spectators will have a spectacular view of the race from the high cliffs at the Femöre Fortress.When waiting to see the competitors, spectators can experience a former Top Secret Cold War Coastal Artillery Fortress including a ”nuke-safe” bunker.
First paddlers will finish at finnish approximately 13.50.


Surf Ski

Long narrow and open kayaks for ocean racing, originally from South Africa a and Australia now a fast growing sport all over the world.

SS2 Aug 20 start 15:00, race meeting 14:00, 10-15 km outside Oxelösund, no fee

SS1 Aug 21 start 12:00 race cource will be announced around 12:00 Aug 19


A single hull ocean racing canoe supported by an ”ama”. Paddled with a single blade paddle. Hawaiian style.
Aug 21 preliminary start 11:00


Stand up paddleboarding is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage.
Aug 21 preliminary start 11:00

Seamasters Race Course

The classic Race course

Race news

Site updated!

The SS2 race on Saturday have no fee. We hope you race on Sunday too.

Reminder! Check that you have a valid licence. If you don't have one you have to verify you get one after the race!

2016-08-19 08.00
It will be race course 1 this year!

Everything about surf ski

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